Please find below Clarion Housing Group’s Corporate Strategy 2019-2022, our Annual Report and Accounts, Value for Money Statement for 2017/18 and our Interim Report and Accounts for the Half Year ended September 2018.

You can also find Clarion Housing Group’s previous Annual Reports and Accounts and Value for Money documents, as well as those published by Affinity Sutton and Circle Housing prior to the merger. Below this are Clarion Housing Group’s presentations to investors and tax strategy.

Clarion Housing Group Corporate Strategy 2019-2022 report cover

Clarion Housing Group Corporate Strategy 2019-2022

Interim report and accounts

Clarion Housing Group Interim Report and Accounts Half Year ended September 2018

Clarion Housing Group Annual Report and Accounts 2017/18

Clarion Housing Group Value for money statement 2017/18